Money Transfer

Money Transfer

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Remitting money any where around the globe has never been this easier. What we do is offer you a better way to send money no matter where you are being away from the people you can care. We believe sending money locally or oversees should be easy, and thrilled ourselves on keeping things simple and making value for our communities and for our customers.

Save Time
Send money to your family and loved ones from your phone at the comfort of your home

We're Low-cost
Our pricing is highly competitive and fully transparent, Compare us with the competition. You save more with us.

We're Fast
Whether you need to transfer money to friends or family across the globe, Add Money gets your funds there quickly and reliably.
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Reliable money transfer service

It's your hard-earned money, we understand. You deserve to get better rate and pay low fees, we make sure to give you the best rates and keep fees to minimum.

Global Payments
We provide a wide and convenient partner's network for deposit and withdrawal available to users all around the world.
Secured Payments
We are registered with the Financial Conduct Authority. This means that your money transfer is safe and secure.
24/7 Service
We offer online money transfer service via your mobile App , website and customer service agents.